RACE is a network of organisations across Europe that have a key role in taking forward the conservation of amphibians and reptiles.

The organisation develops and shares best practice and collectively generates greater expertise and seeks to communicate this consistently across Europe to key audiences.  The collective partnership provides an effective focus for generating and using resources more effectively and for developing joint projects.

The geographic scope for RACE will be the geographical extent of the European continent and those areas that are directly influenced by European governance, such as European overseas territories and outer-most regions.

Benefits and activities:

  • Communication:
    • The network will provide a vehicle for communication between the staff, Boards and supporters of the different organisations, helping to raise awareness and understanding, and to share good ideas and best practice.
  • Collaboration
    • Combined skills and resources will provide greater capacity for developing and delivering projects along with shared understanding and provided solutions.
    • Our collective staff, boards and supporter bases will be able to work effectively together and share the benefits available within the different member organisations.
  • Collective influence and advocacy
    • The greater number of voices from a combined membership will provide a stronger ‘mandate’ for action and greater scope for influence across Europe and the European territories.