The Nature Protection Commitments in the 2030 EU Biodiversity Strategy

As part of the European Habitat Forum (EHF), RACE along with 17 other members have supported the attached position statement on the nature protection commitments regarding the 2030 EU Biodiversity Strategy.

Main goals formulated:

  • Member States need to politically endorse the nature protection commitments in the 2030 EU Biodiversity Strategy and commit to their implementation.
  • Improving the management effectiveness and actual protection of all existing and new protected areas is an urgent priority.
  • Legally protect a minimum of 30% of the EU’s land area and 30% of the EU’s sea area and integrate ecological corridors, as part of a true Trans-European Nature Network.
  • Strictly protect at least a third of the EU’s protected areas, including all remaining EU primary and oldgrowth forests.
  • Effort sharing between Member States.
  • Effectively manage all protected areas, defining clear conservation objectives and measures, and monitoring them appropriately.

For more detailed information please see the attached position statement.